Friday, July 15, 2016

Olive's Birth Story


I was 4 days overdue and so done waiting for baby to come. So we went in for our scheduled induction...we checked into the hospital around 7am and they started me on Pitocin. Everything was normal and going great...Ka'i gave me a blessing to have comfort during this special day. During the first few hours I was having minor contractions, nothing painful so Ka'i dosed off while I tried to take everything in. I remember apologizing to the nurses for his loud snoring haha! When they checked me baby was low and my body was ready for baby! I was expecting things to go quite like Remi's birth at this point. Around 10am mom and Abbey showed up and soon after Jessy was there too.
Nurse Abbey helping me stay comfy
A little later contractions started to pick up and my mom and sisters left so I could rest. The nurses told me to decide on the epidural (by now I know that the epidural was exactly what my body needs to relax and I go from a 4 to a 10 in about an hour---that's what I experienced with my first two). After being on pitocin for about 5 hours I got the epidural and doc came in to check me and break my water.. Here's where all he🎿 broke loose. Dr Harrison checks me and mumbles something to herself and quickly asks for an ultrasound. My heart is racing. She does a quick ultrasound on me and looks up and explains to me that when she went to break my water she felt 2 butt cheeks and no was breach and I would have to have a c section. I lost it. After having 2 pretty normal vaginal deliveries this was devastating to me. How was baby all the sudden breach?! They were checking me all day and never never even crossed my mind. Since my water was already broken, they couldn't try to turn her. They told me I had 20 minutes and then they would be operating. I was pretty hysterical, my mom and sisters were there trying tell me I could do it and that I'd be fine but I couldn't handle their encouraging words..and Ka'i knew that but was too nice to say anything. So I told them as nicely as I could that I needed to be with Ka'i alone. Once they left he did everything he could to keep me calm. He was simply the sweetest. We prayed, silently and together and soon enough we were taken to the operating room to meet sweet Olive. I could tell that my doctor felt bad about the situation. I was so out of it, with everything going on around me I could hardly keep my eyes open and I was super shaky. It ended up being a really good thing that I got the epidural when I did so the numbing process went smoothly. I couldn't feel much.

All I remember in the operating room was being asked if I was ready to get started..saying yes...and them telling me that they already had! Ka'i had his head by mine the entire time making sure I was ok. His eyes were right on mine and he was praying with tears in his eyes. He never cries but I could tell he was worried about me. He won my heart all over again while Olive was being born. Soon enough she was here and they held her to my face. She was beautiful, with a perfectly round head and her own unique look about her. Ka'i asked if he should stay with me or go with baby and I sent him with her while they sewed me back up and sent me back to my room. 

I slightly remember him FaceTimeing me during her bath but to be honest I was so out of it. Finally they brought her in to me where I was able to hold her for the first time and suddenly everything was worth it. Recovery was rough and scary to me. Every time I stood up I felt like my insides were falling out. I don't remember changing a single diaper while I was in the hospital! Ka'i was superman in there.

Olive was a surprise from day one and she didn't stop there...she was a surprise c section baby as well and I am so thankful that she is healthy and here with us. My scar is proof of a miracle and proof that I can do hard things! 3rd babies are hard! I'm not going to lie...having 3 kids is life changing. But this sweet little angel we were given makes everything 100 times worth it. Elsie, Remi and now Olive are the best most beautiful creations, in my eyes, and I'm thankful to be their mommy.
We named her Olive for several reasons.
1) I've always loved the name Liv but wanted a longer name for it so Olive was a beautiful option
2) A personal story happened in the temple with Olives name
3) Elsie wouldn't entertain any other name ideas other than Olive
4) it is a family name (there is an Elsie and Olive that are sisters...sorry Remi!)
5) most importantly is the meaning..
Because of Ka’i’s Hawaiian heritage, naming our children has brought on a whole new meaning. We have given each of our girls a Hawaiian middle name in hopes that they will live up to their name. No pressure right? Ka’i for example was given the name Alaka’i meaning Leader. And he has been exactly that since the day i met him. He led on the soccer field. He leads his friends as they turn to him for help and advice, he leads in his jobs, he leads within the church and most importantly he leads his family.

Olive Hannah Lilia Kamoe
We chose her name with thoughtfulness and meaning:
Olive - symbol of peace
Hannah - grace of God
Lilia - lily: the flower of innocence, purity and beauty
She is already are exceeding our expectations!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day Dance

For my mom for Mother's Day we decided to make a little video showcasing some of our crazier dance moves. Hope you enjoy! And happy Mother's Day momma. ♡