Friday, March 9, 2012

What a Blessing

If you haven't already heard...Alaka'i and I are expecting our first child this September! We couldn't be more excited and happy about this wonderful blessing that has come into our lives. As of today I am 13 weeks which supposedly means that baby is about the size of a peach! I cannot believe there is a real live baby growing inside of me--it is such an amazing and special time for me. I am very thankful for a smooth first trimester! I haven't had morning sickness once, although I have to say that the fatigue is definitely there. I am still able to train and practice with the soccer team... I will not be playing in the fall however for obvious reasons. I have had a lot of fun playing soccer over the course of my life but my mentality had most definitely shifted to more important things! This decision of trying to have a baby did not come over night, we have been praying long and hard about it since last fall. We cannot wait:).

Baby at about 10 weeks
 Gummy Bear

Today is my 21st Birthday! I woke up to booming thunder that made my heart skip a beat, lightning that lit up the whole room, and extreme flooding! As exciting as this might sound, it scared me out of my mind! I think I might have cried at one point and I made Ka'i say a prayer. We looked outside to see what the damage was and water was inches away from our doorstep, people were walking around giving flood warnings. Thankfully the rain subsided before our apartment got flooded. But we are supposed to get hit again are some pics that some brave students took around campus.
 That is supposed to be a field...not a lake
 Around our apartment