Monday, January 14, 2013

Where Did the Time Go?

Our baby girl is 4 months already!!! 

Weight: 10lbs 13oz
Height: 24.5 inches
Percentile: 5th
Diaper: Size 1
Clothes: Newborn/0-3months
Foods: Breast milk, rice cereal
Tricks: rolls over, scoots, blows bubbles, babbles, sucks toes
Hair: Out of control

Christmas Break

Honestly, I started writing our whole story about how we had to fly standby from Honolulu to Salt Lake and I got so frustrated writing out that I had to quit! It was like I was re-living it again! No thank you. So the abbreviated version goes like this: We were trapped in the Honolulu airport for about 5 days (sleeping nights at Ka'i's Aunty's house) and my brother Zack bought us a ticket to Kauai just so we could get to the mainland were we figured it would be easier to get on a plane. Nope. Still no luck and ended up renting a car and drove from LA to Vegas where we missed our plane by literally 1 minute. SO FRUSTRATING. We were planning on staying the night there and trying the flight in the morning which also looked promising but they decided to implement this new rule where standbys could no longer fly out on weekends. Really? So then we rented another car and drove the rest of the way to Orem. Making the whole trip about a week long--We started trying to get out the evening of Friday the 14th and arriving the morning of Friday the 21st. Needless to say Elsie was quite the little trooper. We also celebrated our 2nd Anniversary in the Honolulu airport! Wahoo!

Pics in the airport

Exhausted after the long trip

Sampson(:....Ka'i & Lexie dance off

 Aunty Amber reading Elsie a book & Ka'i and Baby Gabriel 

Santa Pictures

4 Generations!

The cousins finally got to meet her

Merry Christmas!

It was nice to see friends again(:

 ^^Ka'i and his pal Jesse
<<The Drewerys on New Years Eve


The flight home. She did so good!